Meet the Makers!

Posted on Apr 9, 2017

We are so excited to kickoff the 4th annual Piedmont School Maker Faire on Sunday, April 23 11am-3pm at the Piedmont High School campus! Check out below some of the 100+ projects from Beach, Havens, Wildwood, Piedmont Middle School, and Piedmont High School students along with community makers. Tickets are FREE and available now!

What’s New This Year? Be a Pixar Animator for a Day with Pixar’s Dirk van Gelder and Kurt Fleischer, PAINTS & CHIME Neighborhoods, Mini-Golf course, and more!

Hands-on Making!:

Air Rockets
Soap Bubbles
Moog Synthesizer
Be a Pixar Animator!
Learn to Solder with Piedmont Boy Scouts
Photo Booth
Beebot Maze
Mini Golf!
Oakland Symphony Instrument Petting Zoo

PAINTS ARTcade Village:
collAboRaTe Mural
Box Art
Stop Motion
Sewing/Weaving Circle
Face Painting
Chalk Art Mandala Panel
Jr. Center for Art & Science

CHIME Neighborhood:
Rockin’ Robbie’s Instruments
Musically Minded Academy
Landfillharmonic: Film screening of Recycled Orchestra from Paraguay
PUSD Instrumental Music Program Performance

Piedmont High School Makers:

Home Disaster Preparedness
Raspberry Pi VPN Server & VPN Information
Tessellation and Kusudama Origami Models
Joy of Computing Projects (Mr. Mattix’s class)
AP Computer Principles Projects (Ms. Branisa / Mr. Irfan’s class)
FIRST Tech Challenge Robot
PHS Makers Club Mobile Applications

Piedmont Middle School Makers:

FIRST Tech Challenge Robot
Sumo Robot League
Perl Rock Band
The Sorcerer’s Academy Video Game
The Music-Box
3D Printing: Bulbasaurs & Butterflies
3D Printing: Inventing Reality
Earthquake Shake Table (Mr. Kessler’s class)
Water Filtration (Mr. Kessler’s class)
Hummingbird Robotics (Mr. Savile’s class)
3D Printed Rubberband Cars (Mr. Savile’s class)
Maker Projects (Mr. Greenebaum’s class)

Beach Elementary School Makers:

Seebeck Generator
Scratch Video Game
Making an Owl that Flaps its Wings with LEGO!
Animal Jam Penguin Robot
Architecture of India
Tennis Traction
Solar Powered Ferris Wheel
Farthest Flying Dart
Snake Control Video Game
How to make paper
How does Electricity Go Through Things?
How to make natural paint and make art with it
Electric Motor
How to get around a security alarm

Havens Elementary School Makers:

Pop Rocks
King Pong
Building a DIY Electric Skateboard
DIY Lightsaber
Lego RC Car
Terrestrial Boomerang
Solar Car Racing!
The Slime Lab

Wildwood Elementary Makers:

Comparing Paint
Model Mania!

Community Makers:

Firecracker Math
Project Ember Maker Camp
Snowball Machine Gun
Community Feedback on H1 Conceptual Designs
Smoothie Bike Blender
Cardboard Pinball

Food Trucks:

Taco Truck
Baked Goods