January 2021 News

Posted on Jan 1, 2021

Hello Makers!
New Year. New Semester. New Vaccines. We’re excited and hopeful about the months ahead. We’re in planning mode for Spring events with much to share. Onward!

$7k in STEAM Grants awarded to Teachers

We are very pleased to announce our 2021 Teacher Grant Recipients:
John Savage (PHS) – $4.3k for 2 Vernier Probeware kits for digital measurement to bring laboratory activities into the 21st century. Currently all data collection, beyond measuring the mass of materials, is done analog. We have no means of measuring the concentration of gases, pressure, voltage potential, pH, conductivity, etc in our science classes. These kits could be used in every core science class and most of the elective classes.
Andrew Willats (PHS) – $1.2k for Particulate Matter Particle Sensor for 2 classes of AP Environmental Science. Remote and automated sensing have become increasingly important in environmental science, and researchers frequently design and construct their own equipment. Giving students this opportunity will enhance their understanding of the field, strengthen their own skillset, and make engineering relevant to the patterns we study.
Noor Ashour (PMS) – $1k for Makers classroom supplies & organization for FabLab middle school electives.
Milisa Kelly (PHS) – $500 for additional culinary arts appliances to allow social distancing and safety of my students when we come back to campus.
Congratulations to the teachers!

$420k donation for New Engineering Lab approved by PUSD School Board!


Robotics Team Highlight: The Programming Panthers

Aliya Vora and Elsa Wallway, members of the Programming Panthers, recently competed in a virtual First Lego League Qualifying Tournament hosted by Pleasant Grove High School. The team won an award for their robot design and will advance to the First Lego League Northern California Regional Championship in the Spring. Aliya and Elsa are 6th graders at PMS and this is their 3rd year participating in the First Lego League competition.

Robotics Team Highlight: Awesome Active Athletes

The Awesome Active Athletes won the Robot Performance Award at their Qualifying Tournament on January 9. Check out their winning run with 475 points scored!


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