Robotics Profile: Team #19293

Posted on Dec 13, 2020

The Amazingly, Awesome Team #19293

Team #19293 is participating for its second year within the FIRST Lego League Explore program. Team members include Beach Elementary students Sammy Sohn, Oliver Neumann, Finn Holder, Isaac Dolid, and Ben Callaway, and are coached by Anna Chambers and Brian Neumann.

2020 Aerial view of Team #19293

The team (clockwise from top left): Sammy Sohn, Oliver Neumann, Finn Holder, Ben Callaway. Not pictured Isaac Dolid.

2020’s challenge was for the team to design a space for play and exercise. The team designed a Minecraft-themed obstacle course, and with the help of coach Anna Chambers, shot a stop motion video of minifigures navigating the course to reach the treasure at the end.


picture of lego stop motion setup

Coach Anna Chambers directs the boys in filming a stop motion video of the obstacle course. Photo courtesy of Coach Pat Holder.


Throughout the season the team developed programming skills using the Lego WeDo 2.0 set. Coach Brian Neumann helped lead the boys in programmed builds that included a satellite that could reposition itself, a race car that responded to a motion sensor to start and stop, and a modified project to build a vehicle that could “capture” Halloween candy and push it off the table.

Team 19293 at work programming

Oliver Neumann and Isaac Dolid modifying the logic for their candy pushing robot.

“Since this was their second year in the league, we were able to progress in programming techniques, introducing loops and testing for precision movement of the robot.” said coaches Brian Neumann and Anna Chambers. “We’re grateful to Piedmont Makers for sponsoring the FIRST Lego League here in Piedmont and are looking forward to competing again next year.”