Maker Faire at Home Projects: Consolidated Supply List

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Everything you Need

The consolidated supply lists for all of the projects are below.
Please visit each of the project pages for more details!

Water Blasters

  • 2-inch-by-24-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 1¼-inch-by-24-inch PVC pipe
  • Two 2-inch PVC caps
  • Two 1¼-inch PVC caps
  • 1¼-inch PVC coupler
  • Buna-N 1.6-inch ID by 0.21-inch CS O-ring
  • PVC glue (8 ounces is plenty)
  • Tube of waterproof silicone grease
  • Drill with ⅛-inch, ¼-inch, and 1¾-inch drill bits
  • Tools for cutting PVC pipes
    • Hacksaw, miter saw, or dedicated PVC pipe cutter
    • 120-grit Sandpaper or Utility Knife for deburring
    • Optional: a small amount of any cooking oil for lubrication during cutting
  • Optional decorations: duct tape, clamp-on foam noodles

Paper Circuit Cards

  • ¼-inch Copper Tape (examples: Just One Roll, Share With Friends!)
  • 5mm LED lights (examples: Solid Colors, Blinking Multi-Color)
  • Coin Cell Battery (example: CR2032)
  • Cardstock
  • Additional decorating supplies (markers, paint, special paper, glue stick, etc)
  • Optional switches
    • Paper clip or brass fastener (brad) for basic handcrafted switches
    • Micro momentary push buttons
    • Coin battery holder with switch (get one that fits your battery!)

Balancing Sculptures

Objects found around your house or yard. Anything that inspires you!

Lava Lamps

  • Clear Container (examples: Water bottle with smooth sides, Jar, Glass, Beaker)
  • Oil: baby oil (clear), vegetable oil (typically cheaper)
  • Food Coloring
  • Reagents
    • Option 1: Alka Seltzer or generic equivalent
    • Option 2: Baking Soda and White Vinegar
  • Optional flair: glitter, small sequins, beads, charms, or toys to add flair
  • Glow Extension: tonic water or a highlighter, black light bulb


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