Maker Faire at Home Projects: Water Blasters

Water Blasters

Summer is coming…

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  • 2-inch-by-24-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 1¼-inch-by-24-inch PVC pipe
  • Two 2-inch PVC caps
  • Two 1¼-inch PVC caps
  • 1¼-inch PVC coupler
  • Buna-N 1.6-inch ID by 0.21-inch CS O-ring
  • PVC glue (8 ounces is plenty)
  • Tube of waterproof silicone grease
  • Drill with ⅛-inch, ¼-inch, and 1¾-inch drill bits
  • Tools for cutting PVC pipes
    • Hacksaw, miter saw, or dedicated PVC pipe cutter
    • 120-grit Sandpaper or Utility Knife for deburring
    • Optional: a small amount of any cooking oil for lubrication during cutting
  • Optional decorations: duct tape, clamp-on foam noodles


1. Cut PVC Pipe

Cut PVC pipe to the 24-inch length (or choose a shorter length for younger kids if desired).
Bob Vila has great instructions if you have never done this before.

2. Assemble Water Blasters

Assemble water blasters following these instructions from Popular Science.
We particularly like the different drilling options to create different water patterns!

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