Team Profile: Highlander Robotics, FIRST Robotics Competition Team #8033

Posted on Nov 15, 2020

Highlanders at a local scrimmage

The Highlanders were founded in 2019. The team competes at the highest level of the 4 FIRST robotics programs. The Highlanders are led by Henry Lambert (Software/Electrical), Will Shields (Design/Fabrication), Charlie Lambert (Design/Fabrication), Jade Kessinger (Outreach) and Alyssa Angsupanich (Project Management).

The team designs their robots in Solidworks, a computer-aided design program, and fabricates most parts digitally. Defense is a big part of the competition, so robots need to be well designed and built. The team’s largest sponsors are Zenni, NASA, Google, Solidworks, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Rendering of competition robot

Solidworks rendering of the Highlanders’ 2020 Robot

In 2020, the team increased in size to 20 members. With covid, the team is meeting in person in small groups and virtually getting new team members trained in Solidworks, tools, electronics, wiring, and coding. The Highlanders are fortunate to have access to 2 mini machine shops in Piedmont. The team plans to move to the Engineering Lab in the new STEAM building when it opens and welcomes all students who are interested in building robots.