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Tech Social

Part TED talk, part tech show-and-tell, part social hour, and all fun, Tech Social is a Piedmont community event for K-12 students and their parents.

Once a month on first Fridays during the school year, Piedmont Tech Social is organized around a monthly theme and includes social time, pizza dinner, a short TEDx-like talk, and self-organizing pods with tech topics such as Minecraft, board games, wearables, and any other topics you would like to share!


November 18 - Rivian!

Join us for pizza dinner and a guest STEAM speaker from the community, Mojan Sohi, to share her career perspective and bring a Rivian for show-and-tell. 

Mojan Sohi is a Materials Engineer by training and has applied her materials knowledge in industries such as utility, automotive and consumer electronics as a Failure Analysis Engineer and as a Reliability Engineer. Mojan currently works as a Reliability manager at Rivian, working on the mechanical systems of Rivian's vehicles. 



March 11 - Autonomous Cars & Boats

Join us for pizza dinner and a guest STEAM speaker from the community, Andrew Schultz, to share his career perspective on Autonomous Cars & Boats.  

Andrew Schultz is CTO of Saildrone and a hardware and software engineering leader with a background in aerial and ground mapping and self-driving cars. Prior to Saildrone, he co-founded 510 Systems, which was acquired by Google to kick-start its self-driving car program Waymo. He then spent eight years at Google/Waymo, eventually leading self-driving systemdevelopment. He holds a MS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and BSE in Computer Engineering from University of Michigan.

January 14 - Virtual Tech Social

We will have a guest STEAM speaker from the community John Welch on Gaming.  The Piedmont Pioneers -- one of our Piedmont Middle School FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics teams -- will host gaming rooms after the speaker.   

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