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Mini Maker Faire May 30!

December 2014 Newsletter

Posted By on Dec 2, 2014

We have a busy couple weeks ahead as the Saturday Makerspace Open House and Friday night Tech Social lead into the Week of Code the week of December 8.

Piedmont Makerspace Open House – We will host an open house at the new Piedmont Makerspace at the Piedmont Middle School shop on Saturday December 6 at 1pm. The theme for the event will be “light” and we will be making holiday LED ornaments (for the younger students) and Arduino controlled holiday lights (for the older students) as well as other cool projects. Also bring your ideas on how to make the space even better for monthly events leading up to the Mini Maker Faire in May. Get your FREE tickets.

“Coding” Tech Social – Please join us Friday 6pm for the December Tech Social! The theme is “Coding” in honor of the following Hour of Code week from December 8-14. The featured speaker will be Ali Partovi, Co-Founder of Code.org, along with pizza dinner. Please consider bringing a device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) with your favorite apps that teach or utilize coding. We will have a projector available so that you can demonstrate to a small group during the self-organizing pod sessions. Please note the new location at PMS multi-purpose room! $5 per person tickets.

Week of Code – Over 1250 PUSD students participated in the Week of Code last year and the district is preparing for more the week of December 8. If your kids are looking for more, consider the 20 hour follow-up beginner courses for K-1, 2-5 and advanced courses for 4-5 and beyond.

Next Board Meeting – We will hold our next Piedmont Makers board meeting In January. If you are interested in helping out with upcoming Makerspace, Tech Social, or Mini Maker Faire events, please email piedmontmakers@gmail.com

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Piedmont K-12 students (& parents) are invited to an Open House for Piedmont’s new Makerspace at the Piedmont Middle School shop this Saturday, December 6 at 1pm. Get your FREE tickets:

Eventbrite - Piedmont Makerspace Open House

What’s a Makerspace? A new community space to promote S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math + Design) education for Piedmont students. A Makerspace is project-driven: for Class, for Science Fair, for the Piedmont Mini Maker Faire, or for fun! A Makerspace is staffed with expert mentors – either parents or high school students.

The theme for the Open House event will be “light” and we will be making holiday LED ornaments (for the younger students) and Arduino controlled holiday lights (for the older students) as well as other cool projects.

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First Tech Social!

Posted By on Nov 4, 2014

Parents and kids are invited to the inaugural Tech Social Event this Friday, November 7, 6-10pm at the Veteran’s Hall.

The evening’s theme is “Maker” and events will include a social hour, pizza dinner, a short “show-and-tell” of a programmable dance floor by former Pixar Technical Director and Expert Maker Alex Seiden, two sessions of self-organizing pods with topics like Minecraft, Board Games, Rubik’s cubes, Wearables and whatever passionate topic you would like to bring!

The fee is $10 (which covers the facility, equipment and refreshments). Register here.

Thanks to organizers Dion Lim, Ayyana Chakravartula, and Noelle Filippenko!

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October 2014 Newsletter

Posted By on Oct 9, 2014

All -

Kickoff recap - Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2014-2015 kickoff at Havens on 9/18. We had a full house of parents, staff, and students all excited to help us build upon last year’s momentum.  Slides are now posted on our slideshare if you were not able to make the event.

Tech Education Speaker Series recap - Another fantastic event last week with all-star Piedmont Makers speakers Dion Lim, CEO of NextLesson, Kurt Fleischer, Senior Scientist at Pixar as well as Ali Partovi, co-founder of Code.org, and Stephanie Griffin, PUSD’s Director of Instructional Technology.  Dion will be publishing his article and slides to HuffPo soon, Kurt provided a great set of maker links, and Ali’s presentation is also available on our slideshare.

1st Tech Social SURVEY - Dion Lim is spearheading a “MVP” of the Tech Social event on Friday, November 7 6pm at Veteran’s Hall.  The idea is to create a monthly evening gathering for adults and kids that is primarily social but also contains plenty of tech.  Please complete a quick survey to submit feedback to the organizing team.

East Bay Mini Maker Faire 10/19 10-5pm - East Bay Mini Maker Faire is right down the road on Oct 19 at Park Day school. It is a fantastic event to bring the whole family.  Advanced tickets are available now.  Student projects from the Piedmont Mini Maker Faire will be on display at the Piedmont Makers table.  Please stop by!

Middle School Update - Sally Aldridge is parent lead of the PMS Maker Club this year and will send out info soon on kickoff and project teams now forming!  New teacher Mr. Santos has energized the 6th grade wheel with an exciting new Maker lab ~15 day rotation in the PMS shop. We look forward to working with Mr. Santos further on opening the shop into a community Makerspace for student projects.

High School Update - Welcome Raj Shrivastava to the PHS Computer Science teaching team!  With a PhD in Computer Science and experience teaching at both the high school and college levels, Raj will add a lot to the PHS STEM efforts.  He is already working with Mr. Mattix on adding new CS courses to the curriculum including Web Apps, Web Coding, and Mobile Apps to complement current Computer Apps, Joy of Computing, and AP CS offering.

2nd annual PUSD Mini Maker Faire May 30 10am-4pm - Save the date!

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2014-2015 Kickoff Presentation

Posted By on Sep 18, 2014

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2014-2015 kickoff at Havens tonight. We had a full house of parents, staff, and students all excited to help us build upon last year’s momentum. And thanks to Vince, Stephanie, Kurt, Heather, and Dick for presenting great updates.  Our 2014-2015 kickoff presentation is below:

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Kickoff September 18 @ 7pm!

Posted By on Aug 29, 2014

We will host our kickoff event on Thursday, September 18 at 7pm in the Havens Library. Join us to discuss our 2014-2015 goals, district tech update, new initiatives, our 2nd annual Mini Maker Faire, and brainstorm ideas on building upon the momentum from last year! Parents, students, and staff welcome.

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Thank you Makers!

Posted By on Jun 4, 2014

On behalf of the organizing team of the 1st annual Piedmont Mini Maker Faire, I want to thank you so much for your participation at the Faire. It was a great day, great vibe, and great turnout to celebrate community making. We hope you came away inspired like I did and will join us next year with another great project.

To our sponsors—The Associated Parents Clubs of Piedmont: including Beach Parents Organization, Havens Parents Club, Wildwood Parents Club, Piedmont Middle School Parents Club, Millennium High School Parents Club, and Piedmont High School Parents Club—Thank you!

To Sabrina Merlo and Maker Media—Thank you for supporting our vision for a K-12 school district focused Faire and helping to make it a reality! Some nice articles about our inaugural Faire:

Photos by Matt Bjork, Larraine Seiden, Colleen Shanahan, Dirk van Gelder, and Nagisa Yamamoto.

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Meet the Makers

Posted By on May 21, 2014

We are excited to kickoff the 1st annual Piedmont Mini Maker Faire May 31 11am-3pm at Piedmont High School! Check out below some of the 50+ projects from Beach, Havens, Wildwood, PMS, and PHS students along with community and outside makers. Tickets are FREE and available now!

Eventbrite - 1st Annual Piedmont Mini Maker Faire!

Piedmont High School Makers:

3D Printing Club
10-1 Scale LEGO Blocks
Iron Man Repulsor Gloves
LED Lamp Sculptures
Mobile Apps Club
Rubik’s Cube Mosaic
AP Computer Science / Joy of Computing Demo Day

Piedmont Middle School Makers:
Carbonation System
Kinect 3D Models
Mini Lightsabers
Wind Power Generator

Beach Elementary Makers:
Auto Scan FM Radio
Cardboard Creations
Citrus Electricity
Electric Pinewood Derby Car
Hydraulic vs. Pneumatic
LED Music Strobe
LEGO Mindstorms
Rubik’s Cube Solver
Magnetic Linear Accelerator
Marshmallow Shooters
Model Rocket with Camera
Roller Coaster
Scribbling Machine
Snap Circuits
Water-Powered Space War
Water-propelled LEGO Car

Havens Elementary Makers:
A Short Drama Comedy Film
Heart Rainbow Reflector
K’NEX Roller Coaster LEGO Creations
Van der Graff Generator

Wildwood Elementary Makers:
Compressed Air Rockets
Mood Shirt

Community Makers:
Bicycle-Powered Smoothie Blender – Brett Hondorp
Drone Clinic – Mark Harrison and Andreas Oesterer
Electric vs. Gas Car Clinic – Matt Bjork
Fix-it Clinic – Steve Berl
Great Paper Sculpture – Jane Lin
PUSD Tech Curriculum – Stephanie Griffin
Remarkable Remaking Printmaking – Larraine Seiden

Outside Makers:
Dash Robotics – iOS-controlled Arduino Origami Robots
HoneyPoint3D – 3D Printing store in Montclair
Tiny Techs – Lego Creations
Swap-O-Rama-Rama – CC Clark
And last but not least Brian Judd and his Bluegrass Band!

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