Meet the Makers

Posted on May 21, 2014

We are excited to kickoff the 1st annual Piedmont Mini Maker Faire May 31 11am-3pm at Piedmont High School! Check out below some of the 50+ projects from Beach, Havens, Wildwood, PMS, and PHS students along with community and outside makers. Tickets are FREE and available now!

Eventbrite - 1st Annual Piedmont Mini Maker Faire!

Piedmont High School Makers:

3D Printing Club
10-1 Scale LEGO Blocks
Iron Man Repulsor Gloves
LED Lamp Sculptures
Mobile Apps Club
Rubik’s Cube Mosaic
AP Computer Science / Joy of Computing Demo Day

Piedmont Middle School Makers:
Carbonation System
Kinect 3D Models
Mini Lightsabers
Wind Power Generator

Beach Elementary Makers:
Auto Scan FM Radio
Cardboard Creations
Citrus Electricity
Electric Pinewood Derby Car
Hydraulic vs. Pneumatic
LED Music Strobe
LEGO Mindstorms
Rubik’s Cube Solver
Magnetic Linear Accelerator
Marshmallow Shooters
Model Rocket with Camera
Roller Coaster
Scribbling Machine
Snap Circuits
Water-Powered Space War
Water-propelled LEGO Car

Havens Elementary Makers:
A Short Drama Comedy Film
Heart Rainbow Reflector
K’NEX Roller Coaster LEGO Creations
Van der Graff Generator

Wildwood Elementary Makers:
Compressed Air Rockets
Mood Shirt

Community Makers:
Bicycle-Powered Smoothie Blender – Brett Hondorp
Drone Clinic – Mark Harrison and Andreas Oesterer
Electric vs. Gas Car Clinic – Matt Bjork
Fix-it Clinic – Steve Berl
Great Paper Sculpture – Jane Lin
PUSD Tech Curriculum – Stephanie Griffin
Remarkable Remaking Printmaking – Larraine Seiden

Outside Makers:
Dash Robotics – iOS-controlled Arduino Origami Robots
HoneyPoint3D – 3D Printing store in Montclair
Tiny Techs – Lego Creations
Swap-O-Rama-Rama – CC Clark
And last but not least Brian Judd and his Bluegrass Band!